I am painting while waiting for a light to turn green, noticing the changing color of a pedestrian’s shadow pass over the stripes of the crosswalk.
I am painting while in line for a coffee, observing the lines of the barista’s beautifully imperfect hair.
I find myself constantly surveying the world through color and brushstrokes. And nothing gives me more satisfaction than to capture it with paint. It’s how I see the world every day. I have no say in the matter—
art has chosen me.

Born and raised on the shoreline of Connecticut, I’ve been absorbed in anything creative as long as I can remember. I attended Pratt Institute where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications Design. I now live and work as a painter and graphic designer.

For me, art is an endless and ever-changing exploration of color, form and feeling. Beautiful things seen and felt send me to my easel, where I feel compelled to say something in paint.